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  • Name: Kurt Wright
  • Age: 33
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Glasgow UK
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People I look up to

  1. Criss Angel (Why because he's amazine & hes influence me so much to kept Belive in my dreams)
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Bill Kaulitz
  4. David Cooperfield
  5. Wednesday 13

Movies I like

  1. The Butterfly Effect
  2. Jumper
  3. Pirates of the Carribean 1-3
  4. Scream 1-3
  5. I Know what you did Last Summer?
  6. Wizard of Gore
  7. From Hell
  8. Whats Eating Gilbert Grape
  9. An Interview with a Vampire
  10. Bram Strokers Dracula.

Me, Myself & Life!!

I'm never to sure what to write in these things but here goes!!
My names Kurt thats pretty Obvious, as it states it above, I live in a crappy town Glasgow where i've spent most of my life moving back and forward, I've been around this town like a gypsy lol. I live by myself which is really boring man i need to get out!!
I currently work for a saving bank, but i was told my job is going to end near christmas time, so im off to Las vegas in the search of fame, I'm very opened minded life and like to life it to the fullest i have 2 cats molly and salem whom i love to bits.
At the age of 7 i took up magic as my Dad should me my first trick, I left home at a very young age due to family illness and started looking after myself, At times i can be very shy and other times I just talk a hole load of rubbish. I studied Promotion and stage of live events at college and then went onto study webpage design at college for 3 years, I got my first Job working in a post office at the age of 16 i worked there for 2 years on and off during the hoildays trying to look after myself and pay my bills, I then took work experience in a recording studio setting up studios for bands and answering phone calls by the age of 22 I had about 3 jobs i then took an audition for the Glasgow Magic Circle and passed i was so please, as well as being nervous, after being in the magic circle for 2 years I then auditioned for a promoting company called " Britannia Panopticon Music Hall" To do stage work as well as magic and acting combined together. And well here I am off to Las Vegas on the road to fame

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Upcoming events

07/12/09 Gunfire 76 Concert at the Cathouse in Glasgow this is Wednesday 13 new band i also bought a back stage pass for this show. i cant wait ive met wednesday a number of times hes such a nice guy.